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HULU, GROUNDLINGS, LA - Summertime Updates!

Well this summer has been a little crazy, but a good crazy!

I was lucky enough to kick it off with a booking for a HULU commercial! What a crazy experience; being flown to Mexico City, being given a stunt double, getting to see all of the crazy sets that were built.... take a look at the final product below!

The rest of the summer was spent taking classes at the Groundlings and performing in my class's Advanced Groundlings improv show. And I can officially say I have passed the advanced level! I cannot WAIT until classes are in person again, hopefully some day soon.

I also started taking classes with Lesly Kahn! My friend recommended this class to me (Thanks Nathaniel!) and I can't even tell you how mind blowing it is. I'm starting to see acting in a whole other light and it's crazy exciting. If you want to take this class, be prepared to be exhausted by the end of it, but it is WORTH IT.

And finally, I have officially moved to LA! Never have my parallel parking skills been put more to the test.

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